Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Stayed home to clean the house.

Mom, aunts and cousins met me at my house then we all headed to Jeff. Had lunch at El Jimadors, it was so nice and quiet there. Went to Victorias so the girls (Tess, Ashlyne and MacKensie) could get fitted for their candle lighter dresses. To my surprise my dress was on a manikin. I wasn't going to show any of them, but figured what the heck it's right there so we might as well. So glad I saw it again, it reassured me the dress was perfect! Since I was having serious reconsideration after seeing lots of pretty dresses on Pinterest. lol Went to the mall where the younger girls got to venture on their own while I was stuck with the old ladies! Ha! Lizzie got a dress that has the wedding colors in it from Dillards. I've been looking every now and then for a dressy coat to wear with my work clothes. Came across a purple Jessica Simpson coat marked down to $49 and when I went to check out it was $32! CHA-CHING! Stopped at a few other stores after the mall before heading back to my house. That evening Mike and Randy headed to a surprise birthday party for Whitney, a girlfriend of their cousin Matt. I had all intentions of going until my cold kicked in full gear. Come to find out I didn't miss anything so I was glad I opt out.

Sunday I slept in. Mike and I headed to his mom and dads for dinner where little MS. KYLIE was there! She was very happy to see her April. It was good to see her since I hadn't since Christmas. A little hard to put on a happy face knowing she won't be my niece in the future. At least for now her mom lets her come with Randy to visit. Spent the rest of the afternoon taking more meds and just taking it easy.

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  1. We had a nice day. Sooooo glad you liked your dress. lol


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