Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

After work Mike and I headed to his Luebbert family Christmas. Had a great evening and ended up staying until almost 11:30! Never seen his uncle laugh so hard and get so tickled. lol

Headed to Mike's mom and dads for their Christmas. Kylie got a bride barbie doll from Mike's mom. She asked if I was going to be just like her. It was sweet and she was so excited I was going to look like her barbie. Oh and we have matching rings! lol I asked her about being a flower girl. She said she is going to wear a blue dress, throw bells instead of flowers and ride a reindeer. lol I think she got it mixed up with a Christmas play she had at school.

Later that afternoon we had the Feeler Christmas. It's hard for all of us to be there every year, but there was still a big majority of us there. Afterwards we had my immediate families Christmas at mom and dads. I got a pretty pink tool set from my brother Todd and Mike got a head phone set so he doesn't have to hear the TV blaring when he's trying to sleep. lol Guess the head phones are more for me since I will be wearing them. They're the ones on the commercials where you listen to the tv while others sleep, etc. Chad got me a nice griddle, makes life so much easier especially when cooking pancakes! :) Ended the evening watching Soul Surfer. It was a really good movie.

Mike and I went to church. Fix breakfast consisting of ham and eggs when we got home so I could try out my new griddle. Cleaned around the house some since we hadn't really been home all weekend besides to sleep. It was a disaster. Mike's mom got me Brides Maids for Christmas so we watched that to kill some time. I was very disappointed. I thought it was the girls version of the Hangover and the majority of the show was going to be in Las Vegas. Ha, they didn't even make it there, what a waste of my time! It ended up being an okay movie. That evening we headed to Mike's grandmas for Christmas dinner.

Fixed a pumpkin pie and headed to my mom and dads for the Elrod Christmas. After dinner some of us played Liverpool Rummy. I love that game and the grandma Dodie in me was coming out. I was getting a little antsy when it was taking some of them forever to discard! lol I may have to blog about the game instruction sometime soon. It's like phase 10 except you don't stay on that number if you don't get it. Everyone moves to the next one each hand and the last hand is very tricky. On the last hand all the cards in your hand has to play when you are ready to lay down and you cannot have any discards. So needless to say you will more than likely go through at least 3 or 4 deck of cards. Fair warning your hands gets very tired very quick!

Came home and I was ready to get rid of my Christmas decorations. I said last week I wasn't ready to take them down anytime soon. Well that quickly changed after having about 6 Christmas'. lol So glad it's all put away in the basement and not ready to come back out until next Christmas.

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