Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...We had lots of trick-or-treaters Monday night. I ran out of candy within 30 minutes so I felt bad having to turn out our lights early. Have to make sure I buy more for next year. Guess next year I should dress as a scrooge! :)

...I've been splurging on laundry detergent with getting Tide Febreze Sport. I love it! Although this last time I went back to the cheaper $5 route. I so regretted it. So back to Tide it is!

...CanNOT believe it's November already!

...This weekend we're celebrating my grandpa's 87th birthday. He made a point last week to tell me it was his birthday (just like a little kid reminding people). lol

...This Saturday we have a wedding to attend for Kyle Heckemeyer and Amy Luttrell. Should be the last wedding for the year!

...Had to break out my corn bag to heat up here at work this week. Sure keeps you warm for long periods of time.

...Kris Humphries is a big butt! - For those of you that aren't a reality geek like I am, he is the soon-to-be ex of Kim Kardashian. I honestly don't know why she married him in the first place.

...I highly dislike the new facebook. It doesn't update like it should. How am I suppose to be a creeper? :)

...Loving Miranda Lambert's new CD.

...Not looking forward to the time change. I know it's only for one day, but if affects me for weeks after. I always think of things like 'gee I could be off work by now if the time didn't change', etc.


  1. I agree I don't like time change, it messes with me for weeks.
    Definatly don't like the new facebook either!


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