Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike brought home BBQ Chicken that he and his uncle cooked. He also brought home fresh deer jerky. I can make myself sick off of that stuff, it's soooo good. Stayed home to watch the World Series!

First Saturday Mike didn't have to work. He spent the morning helping down at the farm. I wasn't feeling the greatest with allergies so it was a very lazy morning for me. For lunch, I headed to Mike's parents house where Laverne cooked spaghetti for everyone. Visited for a little while then headed back home. Made no bake cookies and watched a few movies. Still wasn't feeling up to par.

No allergy problems! :) We headed once again to Mike's mom and dads for lunch. That afternoon I headed with Mike to watch the guys get the beans loaded on the truck. It was interesting to say the least. Then we headed to my mom and dads for supper. Grandma and grandpa joined us. Grandpa was full of stories as always. Most of which we've heard several times in several different ways.

It was a nice quiet weekend spent with family. I'm very blessed to be able to enjoy my grandparents and to hear their stories, even if I already heard them.

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