Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I headed to eat supper at Kittys and to celebrate a surprise birthday party for a friends' dad.

We headed to a wedding in St. Thomas for Justin & Becky Otto. Turned out to be a beautiful day for it despite the heat.

The day started out a little cold and cloudy. It still didn't stop us from going floating for our annual Jon Boat float trip. I had on sweat pants, shorts and a shirt over my swimming suit and a tank top. lol Luckily after an hour or so of being on the water the sun came out. I didn't bring any sunscreen nor did anyone else so we are all paying for it today. Aloe has been my best friend the past few days. :) We had a lot of fun and ready to do it again next year! I think we spent more time floating back up than anything. Literally! Good thing two of the Jon boats had motors on them and one had a trolley motor. lol Or we would have got NO WHERE! There was another group floating on Jon boats. They didn't have any motors just the power of their arms with their oars. Made it to the first gravel bar and they decided to head back to where they started. lol

Played lazy the whole morning then finally tackled the mounds of laundry from over the weekend. Took a break and headed to Mike's mom and dads where his dad was frying fish. That evening Randy barbequed pork steaks for everyone. It's nice to live in town and have a great BBQ guy live across the street. lol

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