Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I finally got my first issue of the Jefferson City magazine. I love. Apparently in an older post where I said I had looked online where it was located at and it turned out to be Columbia. Well of course obviously it is in fact in Jeff City located at Business Times. Duh April, maybe it's printed in Columbia. Which that makes sense. So for you Jeff City buffs, Business Times is located on High Street so I'm assuming that is where the News Tribune or another paper is located as well!? I'm really really unsure of working in Jeff City. I hate the traffic, parking, etc! It would be nice to produce something like a magazine all the time. Now back to the real world... even if I was to apply, get hired and get the job. That doesn't mean I will just be doing magazines, I'm sure it would apply to the newspaper as well. Blah. I am so trying to get away from newspaper print.

Why wasn't I an heir to some big wig company like a MAGAZINE!? :)


  1. The News Tribune is not on High Street its located off of Eastland exit you can see the big building from the highway.

  2. I've went there before but's been years to apply and it seemed like it was more a warehouse/printing press. Unless it was all downstairs? Heck I don't know. lol

  3. I can tell you that you wouldn't like working in downtown Jeff the parking and traffic are HORRID! Just ask anyone who work for any of the state buildings.


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