Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday after work I headed to mom and dad's for Dad's birthday supper which consisted of lasagna, corn, salad, broccoli, and Hawaiian rolls. Visited for awhile then Mike and I headed back home.

Saturday Mike had to play ball in town for the coed tournament. I had already planned to skip the first game then come up for the one in the afternoon. Ended up watching Jake since Steve was playing as well and his mommy had to work. So we had a fun day of playing farm, catch and watching Spongebob Squarepants while enjoying the AC. He was such a character to watch and a very polite little boy.

Jake giving me his cheese face.

Sunday we went to Mike's mom and dads for dinner then came back home to get everything ready for Mike's uncle to come today and to look at our dryer. We thought the heating element went out, but that looked okay so now we are crossing our fingers it was just a breaker inside of the dryer that flipped off. At least I do have my back up washer and dryer at mom and dads if I need to get it. I feel so deprived with laundry around that house that needs done. That is my biggest pet peeve, to always have it caught up. Made ham and eggs for supper then watch Big Brother.

By the way it rained all around St. Elizabeth Saturday and we still didn't get any of it. I will be glad when this heat wave is over and we get some much needed rain.

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  1. I know what u mean about laundry! One of my pet peeves too!


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