Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...My favorite snack lately has been peanut butter crackers, Frito Lay brand called Munches. It's tastes so much better than the other brands in my opinion.

...I'm a die hard Mountain Dew lover, but here lately I've been on a Dr. Pepper kick.

...Hopefully the part will come in today for our dryer and I can do some laundry. It's been pulled out so I can't even use the washer. I usually put a load or two in every two days give or take. I hate the feeling of knowing there is laundry to do.

...Oh and FYI I posted a couple weeks ago about our dishwasher not working (same issue - wouldn't heat plus no water was coming out when it ran) Well Mike's uncle came the next day to check on it, the darn thing worked fine for him. So far it's been working like a charm! KNOCK ON WOOD!

...I got my Scentsy bars in last week and so far I am loving the Blackberry Vanilla scent. I usually just get the Baked Apple Pie and Vanilla. This time I got those plus 5 other kinds PLUS I just ordered two more warmers. I think I am addicted! :)

...So last Thursday my mind was made up. I was officially selling my Edge and buying a Cruze. Well as I was driving to the dealership to test drive one on my lunch break, I saw one on the lot and realized how small (narrow) it was. So I kept on driving... not sure I can make the move from an SUV to a small car even if it does save me on gas.

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