Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...My treat on the scorching-hot days has been Wendy's fresh lemonade! Love it!

...So glad the weather this week feels like FALL! Better yet, the State Fair will be more enjoyable this Saturday while watching Jason Aldean, Chris Young & Thompson Square!! :)

...Work is finally slowing down, which I'm not sure I like.

...I ended up test driving a 2012 Cruze on Monday. Oh my goodness was it small. It did drive good, but the claustrophobic feeling won out. I may just have to deal and stick with my Edge. I know it's not terrible gas mileage that I am currently getting. So I will just wait and see my options.


  1. ....and GAS is gettin cheaper WHO thought 3.29 would sound so GOOD!

  2. I couldn't blame you if you kept your Edge. After I get rid of my car, I won't get another one - way to small!! And you can justify keeping it for the simple reason of getting to and from work if the roads get bad like they were last winter :)

    ps. i think im done commenting for today- i went a little crazy with the comments :)

  3. LOL Sarah, I always feel I get a little too comment happy on your blog as well. I love comments! :)


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