Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogger's block

I've been having blogger's block here lately. Sorry for that. I will try my best to blog more than just my weekly usual. I've attached below a few project covers that has been consuming A LOT of my time this past month. I love how my work looks in magazine publications, but boy it's a job to get it done. I've been keeping all my favorite projects in a plastic tub at home. Well it's now full to the max. Guess I will be purchasing a new bigger one in the near future.

2011 Phelps County Fair magazine.

2011 Grape & Fall Festival, St. James. In advance, yes I am aware of where the "&" sign is placed. The lady in charge of all of this wanted it there. Looks retarded to me and I even tried (begged) her to change it to have a dark green banner behind the text. She insisted on it being this way. Ugh!

2011 Beyond the Campus magazine.

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  1. You do awesome work!!

    I agree with you on the & sign!!!What is that crazy lady thinking?!


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