Tuesday, August 16, 2011


UPDATE: Well after I got home last night I put the new rug down. It doesn't look very good there so I am taking it back. lol

I hate having to 'settle' on things like this rug I bought today. I washed my rugs on Sunday and the one by the back door didn't hold up very good after I washed it. Oops. Good thing I wasn't too crazy about it, I had to settle with it too. I just haven't had any luck with finding cute durable rugs for my back door. If I do, it's usually in a red color scheme which I need it to be in the blues and tans. Darn the luck. So I had to settle with this rug today from Walmart. I vacuum the back rug every other day since it's also the walkway to the laundry room and second bathroom. Therefore, if I don't it tracks all through out the house. Well after washing the one I current have to make it no longer smell like a locker room, it lost it's hold. I can no longer vacuum it without the vacuuming sucking it up. Not a good thing when it needs vacuumed a LOT. lol Guess it's good it was a cheap rug.

Eek I am turning into my mother. She is always washing her rugs and regretting it later because it messes them up. lol

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