Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I stopped in at mom and dads to mow their yard for them. First time mowing for the year, I sure didn't miss it. :) Dad had been sick the week before with bronchitis/pneumonia and this week he's been busy in the hay field. Mom fixed supper then I headed home.

Saturday I cleaned around the house then headed to Mike's mom and dads for lunch. Later that afternoon Mike and I headed to Blake's birthday party. Kids had fun playing on the slip n slide and trampoline.

I got my pillows in last week. The quality of the pillows isn't the greatest. I thought about taking them back, but I do like how they look in the living room. Still undecided since the tags are still on them. lol

Sunday I headed to mom and dad's to meet mom so we could attend a birthday party for her distant cousin and step-dad. There was a lot of people there and very very hot. Luckily for the kids they had a water balloon set up. I almost tried it out, looked fun and would of been a good cool off from the heat. That evening mom had her Sunday evening dinner minus Chad and Mike.

Zach waiting on a water balloon to come his way.
Ashlyne loaded up with water balloons. Didn't realize until it was already uploaded that I have a butt shot of Ashlyne. Sorry.
Elizabeth taking aim.


  1. Your living room now looks like a picture on a decorating show .

  2. Love the pillows- they match great!


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