Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...Well my dresses I ordered from Body Central came in and I'm sending them back. I've bought tons of clothes throughout the years through them, but never had a problem with poor quality. The dresses were very cheap looking like they would fall apart. No exaggeration. Guess that's why they were marked down. lol

...I think I found my DREAM job. I would love to work for a magazine business like the one that published Jeff City Magazine. I love how my work looks in glossy productions, but it's not close to home. I checked into it and it's based out of a company in Columbia. Realistically even if I did try and got hired there, I don't think I would ultimately like it. It's a stressful, time consuming job. So ready for a job change. Just not sure where or when or even what. I've looked into a few jobs but there is NO way I can drop my pay by $3 or so. Not worth it. In the meantime I did subscribe to the Jeff City magazine. I love getting fresh/new/unique advertisement ideas from other sources.

...Sometimes I wonder why I am such a procrastinator when it comes to my health, etc. For instance I am LONG overdue for an eye appointment to get new contacts and I still don't foresee this happening in the near future. When it comes to stuff around the house for example the dish soap getting half empty, then I panic and get a new bottle the next day for when I do run out. Not like I use that much soap, but it makes me feel better knowing there is extra for when I do - even if that is a month or so down the road. Makes no sense to me how my little brain works. lol

...Just found out a few weeks ago that a girl I work with sells Scentsy. Yay! Just in time because last night both the bulbs in my warmers went out!

...What also went out last night was our dishwasher! So much for saving money. Oh the joys of owning a home. At least we have a temporary dishwasher (me) until it's fixed or a new one is purchased.

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