Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday we went to Kittys to visit with a few locals then headed home early.

Saturday we went down to Mike's mom and dads for fried fish and all the fixings. It was his parents' 34th wedding anniversary. Had a nice visit despite the rising temperatures. It was a hot one! Came home to enjoy the air and cleaned around the house.

Sunday we went to Mike's mom and dads for dinner and that evening we had supper at his aunt Delores' house to celebrate his grandma's birthday, which was also on Saturday. With the storm moving in it made for a nice evening outside. So cool outside and I loved it! :) After wards we headed to St. Anthony with Randy, Elizabeth and Kylie to watch fireworks at the park. Ms. Kylie is quite the little talker and a goofy one at that. She kept us entertained the whole way there. I was so glad I changed into jeans and brought a hoodie. I was freezing! Fireworks were very good and lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. Ended just in time, as soon as we left the rain started in.

Monday we headed to my great aunt Jessie's for a Fourth of July celebration that goes on every year. There was so much food. Just in meat there was deer, fried fish, BBQ pork steaks, bratwurst, hotdogs, and fried chicken. Even though we don't get to see everyone but maybe once a year at this gathering, we are all still very close. It's nice that my dads aunts are still able to get together with their health to make it a special day for everyone.

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July!

- So far I haven't received a phone call to tell me I won the 2011 Mustang. I think they lost my number? :(

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