Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...Thinking about getting a gas saver car and still keeping my Edge. Not 100% sure on this yet but it would be nice to get better gas mileage and not have the wear and tear on my Edge. It's already getting close to 70K miles, when I bought it in 2007 it had 73 miles on it.

...I miss my home. I'm staying all this week at mom and dads since I have to work late. Probably will have to do the same next week and the week after as well since our layout guy is gone on vacation. Looking forward to those pay checks! :)

...Depending on work, Friday I am meeting up with my Vienna girls. Ready to catch up with everyone.

...I love to tan. I don't tan that often, but it is a very good stress reliever from work on my lunch and a good way to catnap! ;)

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