Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Recap

- Mike and I went for a bike ride on the Katy Trail in Rocheport then headed to the local winery for a late lunch. Never again. Our food was disgusting, good thing it wasn't expensive. It was a super hot day so we didn't ride as long as I had wanted to.

I-70 Bridge.

Mike and I taking a breather. Not only was it hot but the mosquitoes were everywhere. Guess that's what we get for riding right next to the river.

Missouri River rising.

I thought this was neat. Water was shooting out of the cliff.

- Went shopping with mom and ate at Holt Summit Winery. Food was so much better than Rocheports. I was hoping to find some metal wall art for my living room. Didn't have any luck in that department.

- Put mulch out in my back flower bed along with an old water can my grandma and grandpa Elrod had. Looks 10 times better. Pictures to come soon.

- Got all my windows cleaned. Aw such a relief to finally get that done. My hands are happy now too. They don't feel raw anymore from all the cleaning solution. :)

- Spent a whole day with touch ups. Only got two rooms done. I so wished we wouldn't have rushed getting in the house and got all that done before we moved in. Oh well. It will give me something to do this winter when I'm snowed in. Yep, this winter... I am so done with painting for awhile. :) Nothing like procrastination!

- Rearranged the living room for the fourth time since we moved in. :) I love rearranging.

- Went to a Cardinals game. Our seats were AWESOME! We left at the bottom of the ninth inning since one of the lights went out and they stopped the game. Wasn't sure how long that would take plus Mike had to get up at 7 the next morning to help with turkeys. They weren't playing the greatest so I felt like we didn't miss much, but we did miss the firework show that was going to happen at the end of the game. Darn.

This was our view. Pretty nice! I've only been to a game two other times and they were in the nose bleed section so this was a nice treat.

Mike and I at the game before it started. We ended up being on the big TV, that was pretty neat even though we didn't realize it at first looking at it. :)

Took this picture for my dad. Go Union!

Fredbird leading the youth baseball leagues.

There was so many there, I didn't think the line of little league teams was ever going to end.
Pretty evening sky. The weather was perfect and was actually cool for a late June evening.

- Got a LOT of me time which I LOVED.

- Said goodbye to a wonderful Pastor, Karen. She was the best, Glasgow is getting a very special lady. Our new Pastor has some big shoes to fill.

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