Monday, June 27, 2011


Okay I have a personal question and would like your opinions. Do any of you have deodorant problems? Like it not working well, rubbing on clothes(even staining some of my clothes) and flaking off like crazy. I would think a deodorant should work by just using it once a day if you're not doing any physical activity. I have tried several and I mean several brands, but just can't seem to find any that work. I really don't want to buy the medicated kind because who wants to spend that much just for deodorant. Guess if worse comes to worse I may have to. I've been using secret natural instincts. It seems to work okay, but it flakes off (and I don't over apply it) and rubs off on my clothes. I have so many sleeveless work shirts that I don't wear simply because they aren't white and will show my deodorant. It's getting very frustrating. Sorry for such a personal question but I need you help! :)

As soon as I get time to download pictures I will post about my week off. I felt so blog deprived last week. :)


  1. I have the exact same problem! So if you find a solution please fill me in. However I did buy the medicated kind I think it was the Secret brand and it didn't seem to work any better.

  2. Was that the Secret Clinical? I was thinking about getting, but now I may need to rethink that. lol Back to square one. Darn it.

  3. I use 3 different types of deoderant - depending on what shirt I'm wearing! LOL! I use the cheaper "regular" nice scented deoderant when I'm wearing t-shirts or looser fitting shirts and then I have some type of Extra Extra Dry for when I'm working out. When I wear tighter fitting shirts I wear Secret Clinical - the medicated stuff, so I don't sweat as much. I've also gotten prescription deoderant from my doctor, because my armpits sweat a TON....I don't have problems with flaking with any of my deoderants though!?!! I don't put much on. I know you said you don't either, maybe try putting on even less - if that's possible??

  4. I have 3-5 different deodorants as well. lol Thanks for the input. I think I will give the Secret Clinical a shot and see if that works.

  5. I also have the same issue. I am a sweater! Secret clinical strength works for me. Helps to put it on at night- I know- weird & then again in the morning.


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