Friday, June 3, 2011

Bayou Book

I was searching this morning trying to think of something to buy my dad for his birthday, which is at the end of next month. I came across this book based on the bayou like on the show, Swamp People that my dad loves to watch. The book isn't based on the lives of the people on the show. It's real life stories straight from the bayou, good and bad experiences. It's something for him to read so that's right up his boat.

This man. My father talks like Troy Landry from Swamp People when he has a mouth full of chew. Word for word. It's hilarious.

This is Troy Landry from Swamp People.

Bayou book.

He loves to read + loves to watch swamp people = the perfect birthday present!


  1. Tell your dad that Swamp People is Blake's favorite show. He would rather watch it instead of Sponge Bob! But now that you mention it your dad does sound like Troy from the show.

  2. Zach said Uncle Dwayne needs to learn how to spit in his cup. lol


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