Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Plans

This weekend I have my nephews on the loan, Blake and Nathan. I swear they are not spoiled, but then again I guess they are. I canceled the Royal Wedding last night that was scheduled to run this morning so I could record the new Toy Story movie for the boys to watch tonight. So yep I guess I can now admit I spoil them LOTS!

Tomorrow I'm not sure whats in store. Maybe venturing to the turkey house, to the farm to see the tows (cows) and possibly a small 4-wheeler ride. Hope the rain decides to hold off. Then that evening mom and dad are coming to get them for their "visitation" time. lol

Sunday is my great Aunt Carol's auction. I'm looking forward to it and again I hope the rain holds off for the day, but I'm not so sure it will. Weather permitting, I plan to make a trip to Lowes after the auction to pick up some flowers for my flower box. Getting very anxious to get this done and to possibly make a flower bed in the back of the house.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Not sure who is more excited your nephews or you.... Blake was wide awake ready to get the day started. He knows he gets to see you after I pick them up from daycare.

    Hope the rain holds off both days. Nathan loves four wheelers just as much as his big brother. And he of course will love seeing the gobble gobbles.

    Maybe he will come home saying April......


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