Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I stayed home while Mike went to bowl the late shift. Did some cleaning and tried out my new flip flop mop I recently bought. More on that later today. After cleaning I went to bed early. Felt great after a long work day. I hate that my busiest days are on Fridays.

Saturday Mike and I took the four wheeler out and made a huge circle on the gravel roads. It was a good day to enjoy the scenery while catching a breeze. I had left the windows open all day since it was too early to turn the air on. Well when we came back home the house was 92˚, so the air came on! Darn it! Pretty bad when it's 80 something outside and it feels like a heat wave. lol Got ready and we headed with another couple to a benefit. They had a great turn out and the weather was so perfect that evening for it.

Sunday we headed to Mike's mom and dads for dinner. After ward Mike had to go help take down the tent that was at the benefit. So I stayed home and did some major cleaning. It felt so good to finally touch up paint in the spare bedroom and to get the carpet shampooed. Not to mention I still have TONS of paint touching up to do around the house. At least one room is completely done. Took an hour nap which I regretted, only made me feel crappy and more tired. That evening we met my mom, dad and my brother Todd and went to Randy's Roadkill & BBQ for supper. Before heading back we all stopped in at my grandma and grandpas to visit with them. You would have thought my grandpa hadn't seen me in years. He stood up and made me give him a big hug and told me how much he missed me. I'm not spoiled at all! ;)

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