Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...It's royal wedding week. Are you going to watch the wedding of the year on Friday? lol Sad to say, I have it ready to record. :)

...I'm addicted to watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Love to watch the competition and see all the different ingredients they put in a cupcake along with their creativity.

...Yesterday Ree Drummond's book came out. Yay! I'm sure it's a great children's book. I'm a child at heart and anxious to see what it's all about!

...Speaking of being a child at heart, I have the Allen boys this weekend. I wish the weather was VERY warm so we could test out the octopus sprinkler I bought a few weeks ago at Dollar General. I may have to save that for another day. I repeat, I DO NOT spoil them what so ever! Okay, maybe just a wee little bit. :o)

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  1. Nope you don't spoil them at all. They just think your the best April around and always want to stay with you. Although Blake is pretty partial to Mike and helping him and watching the races :)But I think you will always be HIS APRIL!!


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