Thursday, April 21, 2011

See anything wrong with this picture?

No driver? I followed this car on the way to work a few weeks ago. I never did see any gesture as to if anyone was in the drivers seat. Guess this is how my mom feels when people are behind her and say they can't see her head. lol Quality isn't the greatest since it came off my phone, but you get the gist of it.

Well so much for being tongue-tied today with just a picture! :) My grandma Dodie always said, if you got something to say then say it, otherwise you'll forget. So true!


  1. Oh this made me laugh so hard! Did you ever think that maybe the driver was on the other side lol.

  2. Yes I did think that, but they were going 70-75 mph so I ruled that out. Unless he/she is just that good of a driver. lol

  3. Yeah, I've been told several times people can't tell there is a driver in my vehicle. lol

    And you are your Grandmother's "granddaughter". Doule LOL

  4. Plus the passenger was enjoying the scenery about the whole drive into Rolla. So it must of been a very short driver. lol


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