Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sad day...

Keep the family members for a Rolla family in your thoughts and prayers. I felt like I needed to tell someone about this, but knew I shouldn't on facebook. Especially since we don't have a for sure confirmation on the deceased. So sad knowing there was contact with the trapped victims, they just couldn't reach them since they were trapped in a basement with no outer doors. It's most likely a mother and two kids, but don't quote me on that. Very very sad either way. I'm sure it will be on all the news channels.


  1. So sad.. just makes ur heart break!! :(

  2. I know that is such a sad story! You just have to pray that they died from the smoke and not the flames!

  3. My heart breaks as well Sarah. I can't believe we actually know the mom of the little girl. Feel so bad for her.

    That is very true Kelly. All we can do is pray that is the way died.


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