Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decisions Decisions...

I'm asking for your help. I am so undecided on what to do with my hair. I'm leaning more towards the settle highlights since it will be easier to keep up with. Here is some pictures for examples.

Option 1. My hair with a lot of highlights in it. I'm sure this would be the pick from my mom since she loves my hair blond. Ignore the roots at the top, this was the closest picture I could find in a jiffy.

Option 2. This is a lot darker than I like it. I like my hair to be a light brown, but in order to get it like that it goes to an auburn color at first. Plus with this hair color it's so much cheaper to maintain. I love my makeup in this picture, thanks to a local hair stylist, Michelle. :)

Option 3. I've been seriously considering a look similar to this with settle highlights.

What do you think?


  1. Such a hard choice!!!

    I like the last picture (Eva). I think that would you good on u!

    But whatever u pick, it will look great on you :)

  2. I like the last one and I think it would be pretty easy to maintain. The top one with blonde looks good but I have found out over the years its hard to keep blonde when your hair wants to be more brown. I too miss my blonde hair but its just to much work.
    Good luck deciding I am sure anything will look good well other than orange :)


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