Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend to come...

Since work has surprisingly came to a halt this afternoon, I thought I would blog... plus I may not have time to do my weekend recap next week, so this sums it up a little.

Tonight my plans are to eat some yummy cheese pizza. I feel bad I can eat meat on Fridays when Mike can't. So I don't eat it, at least not around him. I'm being a good Catholic supporter! Plus I am IN-LOVE with Merten's cheese pizza right yummy. Mike has to bowl the early shift so I think I will just opt to stay at home and get some laundry done and DVR shows watched! Nothing better to do on a crappy day like this than to pig out and be lazy! ;)

Tomorrow (early afternoon) Mike and I are off to Rainbow Lanes' to bowl in a tournament for a good cause, the March of Dimes. Not sure what the plans are after...

Sunday the weather isn't looking too promising as well. I am getting antsy to get outside and do some major clean up. Our yard needs some TLC right now. Leaves picked up, sticks, shrubs trimmed, spread grass seed, clean my garage floor, get paint scrapped off the shed door... oh the list could go on and on. Call me CrAzY, but I'm looking forward to it and my allergies better stay away this weekend!

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