Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I spent the evening with mom and dad instead of being lazy while Mike had to bowl. They brought over some lilies and three red bud trees. Dad insisted they be planted despite the call for nasty weather over the weekend. So I hope they survive okay. We played dominoes the rest of the evening.

Saturday we headed to Rainbow Lanes at 12:30 to start bowling. We all beat our average in bowling and ended up getting first place. :) Which of course we donated the money back for the March of Dimes. I had signed up to win Cardinals tickets. I thought I had it in the bag since it was about 3 minutes before the silent auction was finished...nope someone else came right after me and won it by a $1. lol Darn the luck!

Sunday I woke up and began cleaning. It still amazes me how much laundry Mike and I accumulate over just a few days. Took a break to eat lunch at Mike's mom and dads. Mike and Randy had to help with the farm so luckily I got a ride back to the house from Elizabeth and little Ms. Kylie so I could finish what I started. It's only been a week since I cleaned the floors, it amazes me how much I loose hair. I swear every nook and cranny in that house had a wad of my hair! Talk about gross!! Got my Uppercase Living saying hung up. It's not as big as I thought it would be, but I still love it. I knew I should have got the biggest size they have. Oh well there is always next time... because I've already scooped out at least three more areas in my house to put some more. Made some homemade vegetable beef soup and capped off the evening watching a very touching episode of Army Wives.


  1. Matt always has more laundry than me... aren't the girls supposed to be the ones with all the laundry?! LOl


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