Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...NONE of my dresses sold at my work's swap and shop. Seemed like everyone wanted big dresses. Which all of mine were more form fitting from weddings.

...I love tanning. It's so calming and a good stress reliever from work during my lunch breaks. I just got a tanning package for the year at Tan Oasis. So excited! I know it's bad for you and to reassure my readers I am not a frequent tanner! Which I'm sure any of you that see me time to time can tell because my skin isn't leather looking/too dark, etc.

...tanning helps me tremendously with my acne, which is a big PLUS. I think I may have to check into prices at a local dermatologist for acne scar removal. I am so embarrassed by my skin and feel people look at me like I don't wash my face or take care of it. Which I do at least twice a day if not three times. I keep thinking I will grow out of it... someday.

...with my tanning package I received several coupons to use up by the end of the year. Two of the coupons are for a free fit wrap and a mystique tan. Curious to see how both of these will work.

...This weekend Mike and I are Springfield bound along with of other St. E people. Every year they go up there to a bowling tournament and stay the weekend.

...I cannot wait until either this Sunday afternoon or next weekend weather permitting to clean our yard. I plan to get lots done like getting all the leaves and sticks out of the yard, clean the windows and scrub my garage floor really good. If it rains a lot, water runs into the cracks in our garage into the basement. So I would like to get it cleaned asap so we can seal the cracks and seal the concrete. Then onto the basement to do the same. It's doesn't really need it like the garage, but I like everything to be clean clean. I get excited over the littlest of things.

...speaking of windows... I have about 3 or 4 little kiss marks on them from little Nathan. I just noticed them over the weekend and forgot that he was kissing his reflection in the window when I watched him and his brother a while back. :) my surprise Mike mentioned Sunday that I should go ahead and get a new Edge. He gets a little O.C.D. when it comes to vehicles reaching 60-80K miles and mine is currently at 58K. I've been admiring a 2011 white Edge at Denny Ford here in Rolla every day on my way to work. And although the thought of owning that beaut is great, I think I will stick with my current Edge for awhile. At least for now while I still work in Rolla. Plus next year my car will be paid off, so even though my payments wouldn't change much... getting it paid off out weighs the thought of a new car. :( Darn responsibilities kicking in...but you can guarantee when the time comes and I need a new car, it will be a white Edge! I don't think I could ever own anything else, they drive and ride so comfortably.

...What the heck is up with gas prices? I remember back in high school gas was $1.19, seriously doubt we will ever see those days again. One can only wish...


  1. I've never noticed you have acne scars- you have always had a clear-healthy face to me :)

  2. I try to hide it well with makeup.

  3. Aww how sweet of Nathan to leave you smooches on the window lol.

    I've seen the Edge you are talking about and it sure is pretty! But not having a car payment is super nice. I'd like a different car but don't want another car payment for awhile.

  4. How much was your tanning package?

    And I agree with Sarah--you look wonderful April!


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