Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I was finally home bound. I stayed the rest of last week with my mom and dad so I could make it to work due to the weather. It was good to be home. Spent the evening catching up on my shows and doing laundry while Mike bowled in his league up town.

Saturday Mike and I drove around for a bit to kill some time. Met up with his brother and girlfriend. Made some rounds on the gravel road and ended up visiting some friends and their little boy the rest of the afternoon. That evening we headed to Kitty's to eat supper then eventually headed home. A good unplanned day for once!

Sunday was the big day... Superbowl. Got a few things done around the house then headed to Mike's mom and dads for dinner. Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at Randy and Elizabeth's playing cards and watching the Superbowl. Halftime show was horrible in my opinion, but at least the Packers won! :)

Our weekend was a slow steady one, which was a good thing. So nice to not really have any major plans for once.

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