Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

- Well my car was clean as a whistle yesterday thanks to a local dealership for cleaning it for FREE when they serviced it. It's not looking to promising to keep it clean with this weather we are getting yet again. I know the roads will be very dirty and slushy come the end of this week. Oh well, at least the salt from last week is off and did I mention it was free? :)
- This weekend I finally have the Allen boys. Been awhile, starting to forget what they look like. Not really... well maybe just a little. We have lots to squeeze in on Saturday afternoon like seeing turkeys, cows, etc.
- Mike's cousin who recently got married back in August is expecting. Looks like we're getting babies on both sides of our families, my cousin Krissi is pregnant as well. I believe I've posted about that a few weeks ago.
- Last week I broke down and bought a purse online. I've seen it at the Buckle for quite sometime. Had a coupon so I decided what the heck. It's rather large for what I am used to, but I like it. Plus mom finally got my purse that I've had for a YEAR. She's even offered to buy me a purse when we would go shopping just so she could have my old one. But I never found one I liked or one I could at least settle for.

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