Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I headed to the house. Unpacked my car and enjoyed the rest of the evening sipping on hot chocolate while watching tv. It was nice to not to a darn thing at the house for once, although there was still plenty to do.

Saturday Mike and I woke up early. He went to help with moving their cows all morning while I did laundry and started in on touching up paint. Our neighbors were trimming trees all day, I was half tempted to see if they would trim ours. Heck it was only two trees, so why not! My friend, Danielle stopped by to see the house. Got me out of house cleaning for a bit. :) We're finally getting in the home stretch of having the house finished.

Mom and dad came over around noon to help us as well. I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up Mike's bathroom. Funny how a small room takes up more time than painting a larger room. So much to trim out. There was about 3" gap between the vanity and the wall. Well you could see the gold paint in there plain as day. As my mom has always told me, if you're going to do a job, do it right! So I was bound and determined to get it done. Dad was going to move the vanity out so I could finish it. Well... it was nail on so good that when he went to move it, he ended up breaking it. I think Mike was glad, he said he hated that vanity. I think with this housing process, Mom and I have turned Mike into a house flipping freak! Ha, not literally, but he is noticing more and more he wants to change. In the beginning he didn't want to change a thing in the house besides the gold paint. If our pockets would let us, I think he would change everything! Ended the evening playing pitch.

Sunday we headed to my grandma and grandpa's for dinner. Food was delicious as always, grandma really out does herself anymore with her Sunday dinners by going all out. Had a good visit, then we headed to Rolla. We picked up a new vanity and sink. I was really wanting a black or dark brown vanity. But I left it all up to Mike on this one. He didn't care too much for the dark vanity's (Darn the luck!), and stated that we should probably go with the same type of cabinets that are already in the house. Which he is right, we should and we did! I think the HGTV shows are sinking into his brain. Got home and finished up my bathroom before leaving yet again. Wasn't sure how the weather was going to be on Monday morning, so I went ahead and stayed at mom and dads house. Better safe than sorry, plus this week isn't a good week for me to miss work. Lots of deadlines! Crossing my fingers the weather allows me to work in the morning because I HAVE to be here.

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