Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fads of the 90's

1990 - Spandex Shorts.
√ Check, that was the majority of my wardrobe.

1991 - Rolled pant legs.
√ Now looking back this was a very dumb fashion trend, unfortunately at the time I loved it and always wore my jeans rolled up.

1992 - Fingerboards on a keychain.

√ Mine was a peace sign shoe that I carried everywhere with me!

1993 - Beanie Babies.

√ Owned several and loved the mini's that McDonalds came out with.

1994 - Koosh balls.

√ I loved them and went through several since they got dirty and tore up very easily.

1995 - Pogs, Power rangers, Pokemon...

√ I had several pogs and loved collecting and trading them. As for Pokemon and Power Rangers, wasn't a fan.

1996 - Tickle-Me Elmo.
By this time I was 11 so this was out of my age range to play with.

1997 - Dancing Baby. (it was originally known as "Baby Cha Cha")
√ Haha, yes I am quilty of watching this over and over. Completely forgot about the dancing baby.

1998 - Tamagotchis (Giga Pets).

√ Owned a green frog. Come to think of it what fun was it? Had to feed it, play with it etc... I remember sneaking it into my pocket at school so I could feed my frog during recess or bathroom breaks.

1999 - Aloha shirts.
Wasn't into them and still don't like them.


  1. I loved this post!

    I remember the giga pets too..they were so much fun! LOl

  2. Thanks Sarah.

    I saw it on a random blog I came across a few months back and completely forgot about copying that idea until now. :)


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