Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Last night mom, dad, Mike and I meet the Allens at the Vichy Wye for Nathan and I birthdays. Since Nathan's birthday and party falls on our molasses making next weekend at grandma's and I have a wedding to attend that day, we decided to get together early. Had a nice evening and to my surprise mom helped with my gift from the Allens by putting in some of my favorite recipes along with pictures of myself cooking when I was younger.

Hey big brother that's my present!

Hmmm what do we have in here?

Nathan giving the gift a funny look since he couldn't get the tractor out.

Dad, Nathan and I

My Cookbook

Pictures of me cooking when I was younger.


  1. LOVE the cookbook!! Very special!!!

  2. We all had a good time last night. Nathan played with his tractor until bedtime last night.

  3. Thank you again Shelley for everything!

    Nathan's tractor didn't look like it would be so heavy like it is.

  4. I LOVE the cookbook...where did you get it?

  5. I know Shelley bought it online somewhere!? I love it!


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