Thursday, August 26, 2010


Wow is about all I have to say with this picture. Who knew there was a trailer that could make farm life in the hay field so much easier. I came across this picture from the Pioneer Woman's blog. It's a trailer that unloads the hay bails for you. How neat is that? This would be a good investment with the Holtmeyer's, but then again where would we spend our free time sitting and chit chatting on our four wheelers while Mike's dad or brother unloads them?! ;) I have to say this is about the neatest piece of farm equipment ever invented! Doesn't take much to please me, does it?


  1. You hadn't seen one of those before??? They are pretty neat to watch I have seen a couple of them unloading.

  2. lol Nope. Todd informed me I was too sheltered since I've never seen or heard of one. :o)


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