Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bret Michaels

Exciting day for Rolla today. Bret Michaels tour bus had to make a pit stop at John's Firestone to fix some tires. Unfortunately he wasn't on the bus, they were coming from California and dropped him off in Arizona for some film taping before heading to New York for a concert. But lucky for me since I'm with the paper a co-worker Alissa and I went to get pictures and interviews from the crew and a few bands members. They were all very nice and down to earth. Alissa is huge huge fan of Bret's so I let her have the last autographed picture of him. And of course the one day I don't straighten my hair and give a crap about what I wear happens to be this DAY! :o)

Tour buses in front of John's Firestone.

Me in front of one of his buses.


  1. Luck duck you! Glad you got some excitement to pass the day :)

  2. Yep it killed about an hour or so of my day! ;) I guess the tour bus and getting to meet & talk to his crew is about the closest I will ever get to him. lol

  3. How exciting! Even if he wasn't on there- it is still pretty cool!!


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