Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike and I went to his friend, Brian and Colette's house to drop off a window Mike had fixed for them and ended up staying late. Had a nice evening visiting and admiring their beautiful house.

Saturday I was feeling crappy from allergies! I think this is the fourth time this year, it's getting very old. So I headed home early to take some meds and to get some rest. Made tuna salad then got ready to head to Malindas. It was nice to have a mini girls night or well evening at her Jordan Essentials party.

Sunday I went to church with mom and stayed for the church's ground breaking ceremony with fried fish dinner to follow. After wards we headed to Rolla to pick up Blake's birthday present for this Saturday and stopped at Wal-Mart so mom could pick up some groceries. Got home just in time before it stormed like crazy. Luckily we didn't get hit with severe winds or hail. Mike's "grocery getter" didn't get so lucky. His brother took Mike's S-10 to his girlfriends house in Tuscumbia where they received major hail damage. The windshield is busted, the picture to the right shows a dent on the top of his truck. That evening mom fixed tacos for dad, Todd and I.


  1. That is one heck of a dent! I was very glad we didn't get hail at our house just a few inches of rain.

  2. Does the rest of his truck look this bad?

  3. I don't think so. I believe its just the top of the truck and his windshield busted out. Luckily it wasn't his white chevy, aka April's truck!

  4. Good grief!! That is a big dent!! Darn hail!! lol

  5. Yep it's one heck of a dent. They are all over his poor little truck. Just glad it wasn't his white chevy. I think I would cry if the hail it that truck. ;o)


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