Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recap of my Weekend

Friday I had to work late so I ended up just staying home that evening.

Saturday I got up early to find our pool almost empty! I was a little furious as I had planned to get in it after mowing. After I finished mowing I drained the pool so I could patch up the 4 inch hole. Mom watched a neighbors little boy, Desmon. He was a big help with helping me get the pool up and ready to fill it back up. That evening Mike and I headed to Rolla to go out to eat. We were going to eat at Gordoz since they just opened at their new location this past week. They were packed so Applebees it was. I decided to try the quesadilla burger, it was okay. Something I tried once and won't order it again!

Sunday we headed to St. Elizabeth's picnic. Turned out to be a great day for it and wasn't too hot out. Last year I played bingo about all day and never won. This year was a different story, I won twice... $8.75 the first time and $4.75 the second! Ended up leaving a little earlier than I anticipated. Had a massive headache so I headed home for some medicine and a much needed nap. Ended the evening doing laundry and watching Army Wives.

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