Thursday, July 29, 2010

Days like today...

Days like today makes me wish I didn't sell my Camaro! :( I LOVE loved driving it, especially taking the t-tops off to enjoy the weather even more. It's been a little over three years and I still regret selling it. I wanted to sell it because I needed and wanted something safer to drive back and forth to work, when I worked in St. Robert. There was several times where I prayed I would make it home safely. Those hard rainy days doesn't mix with the interstate and semi's! I still recall an accident on the interstate on the Jerome exit/hill (bad hill by the way). The sign said left lane closed. So me as well as everyone else besides the semis stayed in the center lane since it turns into 3 lanes not know the center lane and the left were both taken by fire crews etc. from the accident. Long story short my little Camaro came within a couple of feet from sliding underneath a semi.

Maybe one day I will get another Camaro, highly doubtful but one can only wish! At least I know my car has a good owner and loves it just as much as I did.


  1. It was a very pretty car.
    You have a safer vehicle now.

  2. Yep. I love my Edge just wish I could have kept them both!

    & hey my Camaro did get me to work during that huge ice storm, I still don't know how I managed that one with no problems at all.

  3. Your Dad would say it was Elrod skills, but I'm not sure if I think it may be more of Grandpa Feeler ice/snow driving skills. lol

  4. Well dad is probably right, it's the Elrod skills! I didn't drive no 70 mph like Mister Arch Feeler does on ice and snow!! ;)


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