Friday, July 2, 2010


Some randoms thought for the day!

- Still loving my new straight hair. Loving it even more with a little gel in it. Before if I applied gel to my hair it looked very not-so-pleasant sloppy.

- I love mozzarella cheese sticks in individual wrappers. They're my new favorite snack!

- Excited to see family members and friends this weekend. Always good to have a special get togethers with the people that mean the most to you in life. Saturday Mike and I are going to Mike & Susan's(friends of my mom and dad) house for BBQ and to watch fireworks. It's so pretty at their house, it overlooks several vallys. So on the 4th of July weekend you can see firework displays going off everywhere on the hillsides. Sunday we going to my Great Aunt Jessie's for an Elrod get together. Always a good time and always feel a presence there of my grandpa Andy. To me him and his sister, Jessie seem the most alike in their family. That evening Mike and I are heading to his Aunt's house for supper for his grandma's birthday.

- Something I need to work on is being on time at work! I've gotten really bad at being 5-10 minutes late. Even though no one here cares, everyone else gets here late and I make up the time on my lunch... I feel its very unprofessional. Need to work on this asap!

- Speaking of time at work... I am very OCD on my hours down to the very last minute. I always try to make sure I get in exactly 40 hours a week if not more. Even though whats a couple of minutes going to matter on my check.

- Love the weather we've been having this week, but it makes for a cold swim in the pool.

Have a wonderful & safe 4th of July Weekend!!


  1. Well that killed a whole 2 min lol. Hope to see you Saturday night!
    I totally understand the whole wanting to be on time even though no one else is thing.

  2. Individual mozzarella sticks?!! Sounds like a great snack!! -And right up my alley!! :)

  3. Yep and the best part is the fat free ones taste just the same!


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