Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday after work I had to head on over to my work's event The Home & Business Expo at Missouri S&T. I wasn't thrilled about working till 9 with it being a mandatory volunteer!! Luckily I found out today we get paid overtime for it, thank goodness!

Saturday I went to tan and ran on the treadmill. That afternoon I got ready to head over Mike's way for Cookie's benefit. It was good to see everyone come together for a good cause. You could barely move it was so crowded. The silent auction had lasted from 7 till about 11:30. So the band wasn't able to play since they had to clean the hall up and be out by Midnight. By the end of the night trying to talk loud while the auction was going on and dealing with a cold all week I had officially lost my voice.

Sunday I slept in while Mike and Randy went to get some cows. Luckily my voice had found it's way back. Ate dinner at Mike's house then headed to my grandma's to visit with everyone and eat there too! I would get in trouble with grandma if I didn't eat some of her homemade chicken pot pie!!


Opinions? Thoughts? Comments?
Chocolate chip cookies? Do share.