Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

Mike came over after work to help me with my basement. Took us the whole evening getting everything back to where it was, good feeling to have a nice clean house again despite the musty smell.

Mike headed back to St. Elizabeth to get ready for his bowling tournament. I was bored and feeling a little ambitious so I decide to help my dad and cousin Zach stack brush. Dad has been cutting the bottom of our cedar trees along the highway. I couldn't believe how much they have grown, we made about 3-4 huge brush piles just from 5 cedars. I will have to post pictures of our progress soon. Afterwards I got ready to head to St. Elizabeth to watch Mike bowl.

Headed home to eat dinner at my grandma and grandpa Feeler's. Had meatloaf, baked potatoes and all the other fixings. I'm glad my grandma is feeling a lot better to start up our Sunday traditions like we used to have. Came home to do some laundry then took a nap while Mike watched the game. That evening Dad, Todd, Mike & I played liver pool rummy while mom fixed supper. Mom had fixed roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, cooked cauliflower, corn and custard pie for dessert.

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