Friday, January 22, 2010

Water Busted My Weekend

Work has been super hectic getting special projects done and our Newcomer's magazine published leaving me very little time to blog lately. I'm so glad it's Friday and have the weekend away from work or so I thought...

Last night I came home to find my dad using the shop vac on my basement, the floors completely soaked!! Literally every room was covered in water. Luckily I've been doing some pre-spring cleaning earlier this week so almost everything was put away and not on the floor to get soaked. Looking at the brighter side, I guess things could be a lot worse! At least it was rain water and not sewer water, which has happened in the past! Very gross! Thankfully with my dad laid off work he was able to stay downstairs using the shop vac until most of the water was gone. To top things off my cell phone decided to die on me today. So hopefully the weekend gets better and not worse.

Hope everyone has a safe "dry" weekend!

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