Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures from Iron Works

Mike trying to eat his smoked turkey leg!

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ann

Big Red skimming the molasses

Molasses cooking in the different stages

My cousin Dustin and my brother Todd skimming

Mike, Grandma & Grandpa Feeler and Lizzie

My cousin Xander playing with the water hose thinking no one was watching...

A painting my uncle Wayne painted of my grandpa sitting at the press while "Big Blondie" the mule pulls the sweet pole.


  1. Those are all good pictures. I may have to "steal" some of them for my blog. LOL

  2. Good pictures! The weather was beautiful this year, we must have missed seeing each other. :)

  3. Thank you Hope! I wasn't there on Saturday since I had two weddings to attend. I think this is the first year I missed a day of Iron Works. lol


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