Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week/Weekend Ahead

This week, work has been hectic trying to get our promotion done for our Lipstick & Purse-N-Ality event going on next week. Here is the tickets for the event that I made. I am a little nervous and in a way excited to model clothes for JCPenney during this event. Maybe I will get lucky and get to keep the clothes I will be wearing.

Tomorrow I am finally getting contacts/glasses! I've been putting this off for quite some time. I would always borrow my mom's glasses at home, just so I could read the menu on the TV. Plus the past month or so I have been getting headaches a lot. I'm sure this is due to me straining my eyes all day long.

Sometime this week or perhaps today, the arrival of Nathan Steven Allen. Shelley finds out today if she will have him today or most likely later in the week since she has had a lot of contractions since last Friday. I know we are all excited and so is his big brother Blake!

Friday my grandma Feeler celebrates her 80th BIRTHDAY and Saturday is my BIRTHDAY! Saturday Mike and I are planning on going to Boonville to the boat. I hope I can win big!! Sunday we are celebrating my grandma's birthday at her church in Vichy with friends and family. So this weekend will be quite eventful with the celebration of two birthdays and the possibility of a new birthday depending on when Nathan decides to make his grand entrance into this world.

*Note* I published a new recipe for the Chicken Lasagna. I had posted the wrong version that my mom uses.

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  1. Your ad looks good and I am happy that you're modeling at the event.
    Good Job!!


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