Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall is ALMOST here!

I know I'm not the only one when I say, "Boy, where has the time gone?" Seems like just yesterday it was the beginning of Spring. Now it will be the beginning of Fall in ELEVEN DAYS!! I love fall and all the beautiful colors on trees. It always seems like it's no time and winter is here... no more pretty colors to look at, just an unattractive canvas! Here is an article I found on the web on ways to celebrate the first day of fall:
Step 1:
Remind guests of their early school days with large, leaf-shaped paper invitations. Ask guests to turn over their invitations (a new leaf, if you will), and write comments on topics such as the following (which you will have printed on the back): the new fall TV shows you are you most looking forward to, the football teams (college and professional) you think will be the ones to watch this season, your choice of a Halloween costume for the upcoming holidays, when you'll buy your first Christmas gifts, for example. As a conversation starter, post the leaves for everyone to read while sipping apple cider.
Step 2:
Serve a meal or refreshments outside. Seat guests in lawn chairs and provide blankets, if necessary. If possible, light a fire and cook hot dogs. Other possibilities for a fall menu include hearty soups and casseroles. Apple pie is a perfect fall dessert. Hang lanterns or patio candles if you need additional light for an evening party.
Step 3:
Include first-day-of-fall activities appropriate for your group and the time of day at you hold the celebration. For example, a weekend afternoon get-together might include a game of touch football followed by a debate about which teams will play in the Orange Bowl and the Super Bowl. A natural activity for a Friday night would include a trip to the local high school to watch the Friday night game. Go for an apple-picking excursion to a local orchard after school one day. Enliven any evening witha leaf printing or candle-making activity, an overview of all the new fall TV shows, or a “monologue” from each guest on their best or worst back-to-school memories.
Step 4:
End the get-together by presenting guests with a three-month “get ready for the holidays” calendar. Make these by simply copying the September, October, November and December pages from a plain calendar. Tape these together so that they form one long sheet. Decorate with such comments as “You are Here” for the day of the party, “You have 5 days to finish your kids Halloween costumes,” “87 Days Until Christmas,” and so on.

I found this picture online. It was taken in Herman, Missouri

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