Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cash Michael - February

Just chillin'.  He was a trooper with his four month shots today, cried for about 15 seconds.  Then went back to his happy talkative self. 

Relaxing in the bath tub.  This goofy boy kicks his feet up and just relaxes at every bath.  

Talking to his toy with grandma Holtmeyer at Matt & Whitney's gender reveal party.  Where there will be another Holtmeyer BOY to add to the mix. :) 

Talking or more like hollering at Tyson.

Hard to believe these two are just a year and month a part. 

Shirt is 12 months but Mike insisted he wears it for good luck today for Daytona 500. 


  1. The shirt must have brought Jr. good luck!


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