Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cash - 3 Weeks Old Today!

Where has the past three weeks gone? Hard to believe our little man is almost a month old.

Cash is filling out his newborn clothes. Before he wasn't quite long enough in the legs and arms. Last night, one of his jammies barely fits. He weighed 8lb 2oz. on Tuesday.

Cash is healing great after his circumcision. First couple of days were a little rough for him. You could tell when he was in pain, he couldn't stay in a deep sleep then would clinch his cheeks and almost scratch his eyes. Thank goodness for shirts that fold over his little hands since the hand mittens don't stay on very well.

We were a little scared after his circumcision. Dr. Burrell came in and told Mike and I that Cash was bleeding more than she would like and is keeping an eye on it. She had went over the precautions before hand, and one was with bleeding. If they can't get the bleeding to stop he would be rushed to Columbia by ambulance. It was the longest 15 minutes waiting to see if the bleeding was controlled. Thank goodness it was!

Cash has been going to bed the past couple nights around 9 with only waking us up once during the night. Then up at 7.

He loves to fill up his diapers right after I just put a clean one on. Little stinker!

His first Halloween went great! Wish we lived close by all our families on both sides. Would make the holidays even easier for everyone to see him. We went to see Cash's great grandma, great aunt and uncles; Dianne & Joel and Dolores and Fran. Cash was a good boy the entire time and wide awake for them.

I think the best baby item we have is our Rock N Player Sleeper or as Mike calls it Cash's pen! lol He loves sleeping in it every night. Plus I like he is sleeping at an incline until he is a little older to turn/roll over on his own pretty good.

Baby boy has had a bright red mark in his left nostril since birth. His pediatrician believes it may be a birth mark along with some red spots on his eye lids.

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  1. He certainly looks like his daddy in this picture.


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