Monday, October 28, 2013

Life of Cash

Life with Cash is going great.  Mike and I already can't imagine our lives without him.

Cash and I are being lazy today and still in our jammies. Tomorrow is his big day of getting circumcised. I so wished he could of had it done and over with at the hospital. Hopefully my happy little boy will bounce back just fine.

Hard to believe he is already two weeks old. Time already seems to be flying by, yet it seems like he has always been with us.

He loves to look up while being burped most of the time to see who has him. Then just stares in awe and usually get a smile out of him. Rather it's a smile, smile or just passing gas... I will take a smile anyway/anyhow! lol

Daddy has made us sit in the cry room at church the two past Sundays. He's slept through church both times, which I knew he would be a good little boy. Maybe next Sunday we will get to sit in the main area. I told Mike we should enjoy this time getting to sit in the main part of church while he is this little. As this time won't last long and he will be gabbering up a storm before we know it.

We still have to talk to Fr. Ben, but planning to have his baptism on Mike's birthday. Hopefully it will all work out and it will make Mike's birthday even more special to share it with Cash's first big event.

We had pictures taken on Friday. Thank goodness we got some good ones. Little man was not having it. He didn't like being naked or his hands/arms messed with to get good poses.

Here's some pictures to share that I had on my camera...

A week old in this picture. Still sleeping after his first trip to church.
Baseball shoes grandma Elrod has had for at least 10 years in her 'someday' grandchild stash.  

Love this face.  Notice his hair is flipped up in the front... it won't stay down at all.  I think baby boy will have curly hair. 

Basketball shirt with baseball shoes. lol 

Watching grandpa talk. 

Almost asleep on grandma.

Waiting on daddy to get done with his shower to have their usual night of rocking and watching the Cardinals play.

I think he looks like a completely different baby in this pic.

Loves his giraffe that plays music and moves it's head.

Still wore out Friday evening after getting pictures taken. 

A distant cousin made this 'Elrod'  uncle quilt for Cash.

Cash with cousin, Kylie. 

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