Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby Update

Thought I would give a baby update, plus I am bored now that the house is cleaned! :) 

Had my last appointment in Columbia on Wednesday. Everything went really good and there is plenty of amniotic fluid around the baby. Thank goodness!

I plan to breastfeed at first and was given the go ahead by Dr. Grant since my thyroid levels haven't changed at all during the pregnancy.  Depending on how it goes I may just do it while I'm on maternity leave or stick with it.  May also depend if my levels change too much after birth as well with the decision.

Baby measured on the ultrasound around 7lb. 9oz. - Holy cow!!

I'm still not dilated, which I'm not due until the 13th but after hearing the weight I was sure hoping and crossing my fingers I would be at least a little bit.

You can't see the chubby cheeks in the picture since Baby H has his/her little hand pressing against it. You can see hair on top of the head in this picture, which really surprised me since I was a bald baby and Mike didn't have much hair either.

I'm starting to think the baby may be a girl. In the beginning I had a feeling it was a boy. We shall see very soon!

Hopefully my little chunk butt will make his/her appearance very soon. I'm getting antsy and ready to be done with the swelling. :) I think if it wasn't for swelling so bad, it wouldn't bother me to go past my due date or to even be pregnant another month.


  1. Patiently waiting for my granddaughter to get here..................

  2. I was thinking girl, but now boy! lol


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