Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...It's hard to get used to writing my new name. I haven't had to but twice thus far. I need to practice more, as April and Holtmeyer appear to be two different hand writings. They're not in sync yet.

...My grocery bill was a little too high last week. I was used to the Jamaican way of life and wanted to grab every fruit and juice in the store. Granted I did limit myself. Just hate that the healthy items are the more expensive. I did find a new juice I absolutely love, V8 Splash Smoothie Tropical Colada. It was gone within a day and half.

...Now that the wedding is over, I can start job searching. There isn't much out there and worth leaving here for lesser pay. Patience is a virtue, and something I am still trying to learn. Guess at least I have a job vs. jobless and looking. I hate it here with a passion. There was a guy from North Dakota at our resort saying that a town he lives in, they are having a hard time keeping employees. An Olive Garden was built and took I believe two years to actually open because they didn't have enough workers to run it. Their Pizza Hut and Taco Bell workers made $15/hr!

...This weekend is Molasses at my grandparents house. Hope the rain stays away! So far it's not suppose to rain on Saturday. It's also a mini family reunion as well.

...Thanks to a distant cousin on FB, I now know what Instagram is. I just thought it was a picture program taken on IPhones, etc with different photo filter/effect options. Had no idea until she pointed it out on FB how she learned it was an actual social media group with sharing photos. Aye. I feel old and not-so tech savy!

...It's been over three years since I had head phones at work. I've been missing out and forgot how much I loved Pandora. Why didn't I buy head phones sooner??? The ones I'm using now are compliments of Delta Airlines from our trip from Jamaica to Atlanta. :) 


  1. Don't feel alone I still haven't checked out instagram heard lots about it but to thought it was just to edit pictures.

    Good luck on the job search. I to have little patience and trying to wait for the right job sucks. I've been waiting and looking and still nothing.

  2. HA- I didn't know what Instagram was either- until you just told me! LOL.. I thought the same thing as you! We must me getting old :)

    Good luck job searching!! It will be worth it in the end- but it sure is a pain I bet!!

    I know what you mean about the groceries! Sometimes I'll get to the register and not realize how much my groceries added up to be! It's crazy how much everything costs!


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