Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Got the rest of the wedding table decorations spray painted. Just as I got done, a few neighbors stopped by to visit. After about 10 when everyone left, Mike and I had supper. lol His grandma, Luebbert sent over some yummy vegetable beef soup.

Went to Jeff to pick up the candle lighter dresses. Stopped in at Hobby Lobby for a few misc. wedding items then headed home. Spent the whole day doing wedding stuff and some cleaning in between times. Mike had his annual bowling dinner/meeting for the year so I fixed tuna salad for my supper. Not often I get this since Mike hates tuna. I have yet to change that! :)

Went to church with Mike and Jr. At the last minute I opt out of going to communion. I know I can't receive it but I can place my hands across my chest and be blessed. Next time I may go up as I feel like an outcast sitting in the pew while everyone else is going up. :) After Easter next year I will be able to participate. Going to start my classes this October to become Catholic. This decision didn't come lightly, but more importantly I do feel closer to God and I don't want to have a mixed religion in my immediate family, when we have kids. After church, I fixed million dollar spaghetti from Pinterest with Mike's grandma, Luebbert's sauce recipe. Mom and dad came over to eat and brought some wedding stuff over. Everyone seemed to like it, I thought it seemed a little too rich with the cream cheese mixture added to it. It was good, but probably not a dish I'll fix again.

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  1. I thought the spaghetti was good!! I'm having some for lunch today.


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